Getting my children to agree on a toothpaste is almost the same as them agreeing on food. Horrific.  As you can see we try a lot and sometimes the oldest finishes because he doesn’t care. The middle is our youngest choice.  So Crest moved her up from baby paste.


So which toothpaste won the love of all three children you ask?


I was shocked. Growing up Aim was the only brand we used, then during the see if I can make it on my own years I bought whatever was cheap.

So when my husband found this and we decided to try it we didn’t know it would get all of their love. Needless to say we will stick with it!!! 

My middle now looks like a shark. I feel for him because I have been told teeth issues are hereditary and I had so many oral surgeries as a teen it could have bought a Ford Escort.


I have to admit our little shark freaked me out for a bit. I am more calm now hearing from friends and family lol. I just have a feeling his teeth future will not be easy.