While in Okeechobee, FL we decided we wanted to try a local pizza place instead of a chain.  We had decided on pizza earlier in the week for this day.

The first woe of this order was the menu online apparently does not mat h what they really have. (I should have known then something was wrong.)

The second was the not so nice girl on the phone.  To us she sounded like she had the attitude of I do not want to work here.  Slightly rude with an undertone of OMG just order already.  I did not know that they would deliver so when she picked up the phone she said delivery or carryout.  My response was, Oh awesome, yes delivery, I did not know you would.”  I then received dead silence so I just kept saying delivery over until I got a response.

I started to order off the online menu of course and got corrected. So I then placed our order for two pizzas and an order of garlic knots.  Our three year old loves garlic bread, knots, breadsticks, etc.  Finally I got the total which was in the low 20s. I said oh good you have a special! Again no response but took it as an okay. She then said your pizza will be there soon and hung up.

Well hello, how soon is soon? Do I have time to bath my kids or just set the table? Since it was our first time ordering I assumed 20 minutes maybe.

Well 40 minutes later a girl arrived with one pizza and a small box. I immediately asked where our 2nd pizza was and she said there was none.  I had half a mind to tell her to stick it but my daughter was hungry so we paid and sent her on her way. She did apologize and offer to go get another one so I shall give her that one credit.

Now unfortunately the pizza we did receive was topped with items I will not personally eat. I decided that I could pick them off. More on that later.

I decided to open the garlic knots to get my daughter some who claimed starvation. (She is three.) 


These were our garlic knots. My daughter said they were nasty so I thought she was just being dramatic so I tried one. NOPE she was right. It was a nasty dough soaked in what seemed to be an oil based margarine with garlic cloves in it.  The cloves gave it no flavor and honestly it was awful.  We ended up throwing them all away. 

Now to the pizza you have been waiting for.  My family ate first and I finally said okay I will pick off toppings and try it too. By the look of their faces I knew it must not be too good.  It was doughy, not completely cooked and greasy beyond belief.  Where or where did my pizza sauce go? Nobody knows because it was almost non existent on the pizza.  What they did have going for them was a ton of toppings.  The toppings I ate were good too! 


That would be our pizza box…need I say more. 

The thing we were more bothered about is everyone raved about their food and said it was an awesome place to eat.  Maybe in the little restaurant bit not delivery.

Our nasty dinner made us order a pizza and breadsticks from Pizza Hut.  Where we live there is one Pizza Hut 20 minutes away so we never have it.  I ordered a BBQ Chicken pizza and breadsticks. 

BEST pizza ever, I never expected cheese on the crust either but oh goodness I can taste it now. 


Look at that meaty, saucy goodness.  Also these deliciously seasoned breadsticks…


Goodbye Pizza Heaven and hello Pizza Hut.