Have you heard of this awesome company?  A local Mommy friend of mine got me started and it is almost like Pringles, I just cannot stop.  I first saw the company at a local consignment sale.  There was a woman set up with these books and they looked so nice and awesome I thought for sure they would be $20.00 and up.  So I gave the lady then my contact information because she was giving away a book and that was basically it.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 at 7.11.13 PM.png

Fast forward to the last month or so and my fellow Mommy friend started selling and hosting parties.  My party is actually tomorrow and I am so super duper excited!!  (Feel free to come too!)

So I personally have ordered from two parties but have not received anything yet.  I ordered a book for my oldest on folding airplanes because he loves to.  I think I throw away a paper airplane once a week if not more.  I got my youngest a maze book because she loves to do mazes!  I got myself a coloring book.  (Yes I promise I’m an adult!)  Then my middle I got him a book about trains but it’s very education!!  I am so excited for them all to see them.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 at 7.26.33 PM.png

I also want to start homeschooling my kiddos so I got a few education books as well.  To me Homeschooling is going to be very intimate and helps me direct the kids more.  We are part of a few moms groups so the kids socialize like crazy.  No worries there.

I am not even selling with this company and I am super excited about it, can you imagine my excitement once I start selling?