If you are a vendor for a certain product, to me you want to be nice and polite and try selling your product to others.  I just happened to be one of the first few that RSVP’d to a Perfectly POSH party.

Now I do not know about you but I had never really heard of Perfectly POSH until recently.  So I got invited to my first party and I was quite excited to learn about the products and get my samples!!!

Yesterday my samples arrived however they are labeled with the POSH names.  So as someone like me would definitely not know what the names mean.  The products come with names like BFF, Stay Gold, etc.  Do you know what those mean?  I sure as heck do not.

So I ask the consultant that is in charge of the party, what do these products do?  Her response is ‘they’re labeled’.  WELL DUH!!!  What the hell do they mean?

Okay end of my little minor rant.  I was just frustrated with the response.