The outside looked wonderful, I was a little put off by the fact that you could not park yourself unless you wanted to walk a bit; you had to use valet!


As we walked inside it was extremely fancy looking. To me too fancy for BBQ. To me BBQ does not scream fine dining. Cloth napkins, candle lights, dressed up waiters were the mood to be set and then they ask if you want a bib.


The first thing we ordered were nachos and I have to say I am not a fan of the pork. To me it was too smoky but I am sure someone likes it. My husband and I not so much.


We ordered the combo and split it with my husband ordering a Sweet Potato and myself Mac and Cheese. The ribs were amazing and tender. The rest of the food was great too.


Service was okay, a little slow, not very well with refills. If they are going to be so slow, bring bigger cups. Also we felt rushed, like they needed the table to make more money. Was not impressed with that either.