So many people talk about IKEA I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.  I got this feeling of a light flashing down on it and a choir singing, “ahhhhhhh” as we drove into the parking lot.

I have to say I love how they have a loading parking area. It is a brilliant idea.

We walked in and we’re slightly confused on where to go but we headed straight up first.  It was all laid out so neat and perfect. 

The first things we saw were these awesome mini dressers.  Now granted it looks like they were painted by amateurs but still apealing. 

Star Wars for the oldest.
Monsters Inc because I love it.

As we walked in the room and house setups it made me want everything there, DHL too!  Another brilliant idea was having these paper rulers, pencils, and shopping lists throughout the store.


Sorry IKEA I took three rulers for my kids, I knew they would adore them and I was right.

We wanted to buy so much more but ended up with a set of heavy duty microwave and dishwasher safe plates; it was 18pcs total for $19.99. We also purchased two plastic trays as we like to eat outside a lot and this will help the kids carry stuff out.

All in all a great yet overwhelming experience.