Did you know Applebee’s has completely changed their menu and the way their locations look?  Our local Applebee’s now has cleaner looking walls and fewer sports mementos.  It now has local photos and sports teams of High Schools.  I actually love that better, it feels like they are becoming more of the community.  I should have taken some photos but we went at Midnight!

The most amazing thing is late at night some of their appetizers go half price!  When we got there I never imagined to see such a busy parking lot and that many people inside.  I actually asked Lauren, who greeted us, she said it’s hit or miss sometimes.  This was a Friday night!  We stopped by after a concert because I was starving, the hubs not so much!

Lauren on the other hand was a wonderful server!!  Very attentive and kind.  We ordered mozzarella sticks which I thought were bigger last time but that is okay.  Their new menu is based upon a wood grill which we ordered nothing from but it all looked good.  My husband ordered Boneless Wings with Spicy Chili sauce and I ordered the Beer Burger with fries.  Gosh that beer cheese rocked!!!  I even dipped my fries into it.  My other dislike was the sweet and spicy pickles it came with which are actually just cucumbers spiced up.  I am not a cucumber fan for some reason but I ADORE pickles!!

So all the food was cooked nicely, I asked for a Medium Well burger and got a Medium Rare but I ate it anyway because I was starving!

My only huge complaint was yes it was late and close to closing so they were using the vacuum.  The girl who started near us came right up to our legs and the vacuum has the air vent blowing right into our faces, which by the way stunk horribly and was not something you wanted to smell while eating your food.

I recommend checking out your local Applebee’s and see how they have changed!!!  You will also notice electronic tablets at every table where you can order, pay, and even play games!