I think I am still full from Monday’s dinner at Hooters for All You Can Eat Boneless Wings.  Worth it?  Yes.  Miserable later?  Yes  Do not know when to stop eating?  Yes

Can you see a theme here?  We ended up taking our 9 and 3 year olds with us which was great, however we had to request to be seated at a shorter table so they sat us in the corner in the dark!  Even our 9 year old said it was too dark.  I didn’t want to ask for a more lit area so we just stayed.  Later on we found out that being in the corner on the side of the restaurant that no one else is also means, SLLLLLOOOOOWWWW service.  She was very polite though.

So appetizers to the rescue from our starvation.  We went with Fried Pickles because you can never go wrong with Fried Pickles and their delicious sauce accompanied with them.  There were four of us eating and we had plenty.


Now that we have left I kind of want to go back now for more.  My husband is a frequent flier of Hooters and has always wanted to try the Buffalo Chicken Dip and I personally am addicted to my Buffalo Chicken Dip so we tried it.  I have to say I was extremely disappointed.  The amount of chips per dip were good, we had tons of chips left over actually.  The ranch on top was a perfect amount to cool the heat.  However to us it was more like Buffalo Dip.  Not very much Chicken at all and too much liquid in the dip.


We all ran out of drinks quite quickly and getting refills were a pain in the butt.  We drink a lot.  One thing to me that seems like a waste of time is giving everyone a new glass and new straw.   If Hooters ever needed to cut costs you could most definitely start there.  For one, have them keep their cup and refill it or get a pitcher and fill it with what they are drinking.  Especially for the water drinkers.  I could understand if it was a drink that was not so popular.  My children were slightly disappointed by no milk, but they don’t whine so water was fine, thankfully.  My husband cooled down with a nice tall glass of beer.  It had the most perfect foam top as well!


Eventually our food came and I have to say, the amount of fries for a single order was awesome.  It’s all my daughter wanted instead of a kids meal so she ate about half of them.  Luckily since I didn’t order any for the first time ever I got some of hers.  Eating boneless wings or tenders without fries just seems wrong.


Our oldest got a kids meal with BBQ Boneless Wings and he just absolutely loved them.  Maybe he should have got the All You Can Eat Wings lol.


My husband and I were impressed with the amount of wings we got each time.  I know some restaurants do less amounts on each of your refills.  Below are a photos of round one, aka BBQ and General Tsos.  Nicely coated with their sauces.  I personally tried the BBQ, Teriyaki, and General Tso’s sauces.  My husband is a Three Mile Island fan but only did it once.

Now do not get me wrong all the sauces were good, however when I ordered the Teriyaki sauce, it was drenched and had a decent size pool of sauce at the bottom as well.  My other complaint about Hooters in general is charging such a high price for more ranch dressing.


Will we go back?  Of course, we would be crazy not too.  Are we sometimes disappointed?  90% of the time, but heck we keep going back anyway.  For your viewing pleasure I have posted photos of the current menu.