WOW!!!  Awesome! Amazing! Wonderful!  Spectacular!  Those are the words I would use to express last night’s show with Harry Connick Jr.  Those words are no where near enough to explain the show that I was so lucky to see.  I was however lucky enough to share the event with my Mom who said she had the time of her life.  His style was one of the reasons that made me fall in love with music.


An Evening with Harry Connick, Jr. was May 19 at Whitney Hall in The Kentucky Center.  Most people know Harry Connick, Jr. from American Idol, which I personally had no idea he was on, my love started with When Harry Met Sally.  Tonight he actually shared a story about when he was in the studio recording, “It Had to Be You” from the movie.

Harry Connick, Jr.  is a native of New Orleans which shows in his performances while playing piano.  He also played trumpet, guitar, and keyboard tonight.  He has a way of bringing you into his show and show you how much fun the entire band have on stage.  You leave the show feeling like you have a new best friend.

Some amazing things happened tonight during the show, someone brought his new album cover to sign, he received a piano quilt, made a little girl have a memory she will never forget, brought a couple on stage for their first dance as an engaged couple (he asked during the show), and gave a woman a 4 bar dance!  I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and I left on a musical high!  If you ever get a chance to catch him person, do it!!!


If you missed him this time you can catch him in September 2016 on our local WAVE 3 station in his new show Harry, which he claims is on earlier so we can all stay awake.  I say good idea and I cannot wait!  Harry will entertain us with his live band and laughter as a daytime show.

Never heard of Harry Connick, Jr?  Well not only is he an amazing entertainer but has helped our country in various ways through charitable work.  He helped create the Musicians’ Village after Hurricane Katrina to provide homes for musicians and displaced citizens, a community center with a performance hall and recording studio as well as an after-school facility for kids.  He has also been happily married for 22 years and has three beautiful daughters.

You can find out more information about the star here on his website!