This by far was the most coolest thing ever.  My kids loved it and even I loved it.  This kit came with everything you needed minus water to make all kinds of cool ooey gooey fun!

It comes with a very easy to read instruction manual as well.  We were at least making these slime balls for a hour.  It started out with all kinds of fun.  Even the three and five year olds were having a blast!


Our kit was mostly set up for us already which was nice.  The kids did fight over who got to wear the googles and gloves but I gave it to our 9 year old since I trusted him more with chemicals.  We of course got to learn about science as we went along.  I believe the most favorite among the kids was the big clear Jelly Fish we made and then for fun we made a big long strand of clear slime.  I wish I could have captured all their reactions to that one when we pulled it out of the slime.


I would definitely recommend using these products.  My biggest piece of advice would be to be very very careful and not get any of the slime up the tubes or you will not be able to reuse them.  I wish we had a bit more of them as spares!  It was just so much fun even for myself.

To me supervision is required at all times so chemicals do not get everywhere and I would double up on the paper towels or newspapers you use to protect your surface.  We saved some of the items to do this again and I cannot wait!!!